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The Ultimate Split Personality [entries|friends|calendar]
Buffysplit: A Buffy Season 5 RPG

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Meanwhile, back at the hospital [03 Feb 2006|01:33am]

Willow left, and Giles not much longer after. I was still trying to get everyone to go home.

"Listen all, I appricate you being here, but I'm okay. They just want one more night of observation, and then I can go home. I promise, you can all help me out there." Smiling now, looking at her strange group, people whom she wouldn't turn away. Not a one of them, family or not.

"Remember, Ben said I needed rest, I can do that better if you guys aren't in here. Really."
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[27 Jan 2006|04:05pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I was so happy that Joyce was ok and that we had the chance to go home. I know that I should be more concerned about Joyce, she has been like a mom to me when my own didn't seem to care, but I just can't stop worrying about how to make Tara better. That is part of the reason I was so quick to leave the hospital, I wanted to get home...well back to Buffy's and start working on a way to cure her.

I didn't expect that anyone would be home so once Tara was calm I could sit down and read, but as I walked up the walk and heard the yelling from the house I knew that wasn't an option. I quickly rushed in the house, Buffy and Faith were fighting and Faith was the one taking most of the hits...this can't be good. Safely ushering Tara to our room upstairs I rushed back down the stairs to try and stop the insanity.

"GUYS!" I shouted as I stepped between them. "Stop this! This is insane..." I saw a look on Buffy's face...maybe it wasn't so smart to step in the middle of this after all.

[[open to Buffy and Faith and anyone else.]]

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[26 Dec 2005|10:34pm]

After seeing Joyce at the hospital I headed home. It had been a bloody weird night. Saving Buffy from Glory and getting a good few bruises in the bargain - whatever the bitch was, she was strong - then having a strangely intense conversation with said rescuee, before trooping off to hospital and exchanging pleasantries with a woman lying in a hospital bed, a woman who should hate me but actually seems sort of fond of me.

Bloody strange, all of it.

I walked back to the Summers house and picked up my car before driving back to my crypt. It's an old banger, my car, but I like it, even if Willow was too snooty to ride in it. Silly cow. Buffy hadn't minded.

Why the hell was I even interested in what Buffy thought? I shook my head and headed down the stairs to my crypt. I'd been making things a bit nicer down here lately. Got a couple of lamps and a good bed. Pretty cosy. Dunno why I've got into decorating of late. Bit of a poncy thing to care about. Course, when I was with Dru, I did my best to make our places nice. If you've got a bird, you have to look out for her, haven't you? You don't expect a woman to hang out somewhere grotty. I mean, if Buffy came over -

I didn't just think that. Like I give a toss what Buffy thinks. Alright, she was a lot nicer to me since she lost her slayer half, and I kind of liked the feeling that I could take care of her, but that was as far as it went. No further interest.

I climbed into the shower, wincing as I peeled off my shirt. There were some good cuts and bruises across my chest and thighs. Lovely. Gingerly, I soaped myself down, then stood under the water, turning it up as hot as it would go, the heat burning out some of the aches in my muscles.

I towelled myself down and flopped into bed. It wasn't dawn yet, but I'd had a rough night. Time for a rest, I reckoned.

However, didn't seem I was going to get that. I'd nodded off for five minutes, it seemed, when I awoke with a start to see Buffy by my bed.

"Buffy!" I said, startled. It was the human one, not the slayer. I could smell that at once. Cos a slayer's not just flesh. She's got something mystical in her. Something dark. This was a girl. "What are you doing here?"
"I couldn't sleep," she said, sitting down on the bed. "I was so worried about Mom. I thought I'd come and see you."
"Why me?" I asked, curious, and very aware that I was naked under the sheet.
"You're the only one who's any help to me," she said, looking at me through her long lashes. "You're the only one... You're the only one I want, Spike," she said, and before I knew it she'd leaned over and kissed me. Shock rushed through me, but it was followed by a wave of desire. I seized her arms and pulled her close to me, kissing her mouth, her cheeks, her throat.
"God, Buffy," I said. "I want you so much."
"Never leave me," she said.
"Never," I replied, kissing her lips again and letting my tongue enter her mouth.

I awoke with a start. I was alone. It had been a dream, but my arousal was real enough.

Oh, bloody hell. Please, no.
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Waiting [30 Nov 2005|03:11pm]

When everyone went off after Mrs. S, I decided to stay back, and hold down the fort. Not sure what I should have done anyway. I wasn't Joyce's favorite. Trying to kill someone's first born does that at times.

So intead, I grabbed a nearby book, and leafed through, hoping for information about the god chick. It was a little weird, being in the house, with maybe one other person.

Did god-bitch know where the house was? Would she try for us here?

Let her try. I didn't mind our last encounter, though I might have ended up dead. Bring her on. I had nothing else to do.

No one trusts me yet anyway. Hell, I'm not sure I trust myself.

But they seem to trust Spike the f*cking bloody.

Me and Giles, we needed a heart to heart. 'Cause right now, I didn't belong here either.
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Waking up [30 Nov 2005|03:08pm]

It was more comfortable, a soft darkness. No sound. Just floating.

But slowly, a crack of light starting coming through, getting brighter and hotter. It hurt, burning my brain.

"Ayyy" I yelled in my near-sleeping state.

I could hear beeping, and monitor noises behind me.

What was going on.

(open for Everyone at the hosptial)
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[14 Nov 2005|03:32pm]

After a cramped car journey we arrived at the hospital. Tara had been babbling away in the backseat, poor bird. Reckon she needs some serious help. Dunno how Red will manage to look after her long term if she stays like that. I shouldn't really give a toss, but it's still a sad thing to see, someone who's gone mental. And not in a fun way like Dru was crazy. Just... bonkers and unhappy about it.

Buffy was quiet on the way to the hospital. Not really a surprise. First she's tortured, then her mum gets sick. I wouldn't be that much in the mood for talking if it'd happened to me. But - she had talked to me. After she'd left the others downstairs. She'd let me sit on her bed and we'd had what could be termed a normal conversation. Something bloody weird going on there. About as weird as me going for a road trip to a hospital. I shouldn't give a toss, but I did. Funny thing is, I've always liked Joyce, even before I got this sodding chip in my head. She's just a nice lady. I could be her great-great grandfather, but she still feels older. More responsible, like. It's sort of nice to have a mum-figure in my life, I suppose.

At the hospital, Willow parked and we walked up to the front doors. Tara was babbling away about death and such. Cheerful. I glanced over at Dawn and Buffy, wondering how they were.

The others stopped at the front desk to ask about Joyce. I decided to seek out Giles, as he might know a bit more. Though why he'd left Buffy behind was another question. I mean, she'd been upstairs the whole time. If she was still the Slayer he wouldn't have done that. Evidently didn't think Buffy could cope. None of them did. They thought she was too weak now. Funny thing is, I didn't reckon that was true. Yeah, she'd lost her superpowers... But I thought this Buffy would still surprise them.

I found the waiting room. Bloody dreary place. Couple of cheery art prints framed on the wall, a sickly spider plant, and an old drinks machine. Great place to wait and see if your nearest and dearest will die.

I spotted Giles sitting in the corner and wandered over.

"Alright, Rupert?" I said, knowing he found my use of his name annoying. "I brought the cavalry. They're at the front desk."

((Open to all.))
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[29 Oct 2005|06:50pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I couldn't believe all that happened, in the last few months Tara had been hurt by this god who reminded me a lot of Cordelia and Buffy was so different. The non slayer Buffy was nothing like the Buffy I had come to know, she was weak and almost whiney, and the slayer Buffy couldn't care less about the people who love her the most. My world was now like an alternate universe, one that I wasn't sure I could deal with anymore.

The worst of it all was that Tara, the one person I loved more than life itself hardly knew who I was. I mean when I walk in the room she seems to be calmed, but the brilliant quiet girl I fell in love with is now like a child, babbles about nothing and everything at the same time. I have been looking into ways to make her better, ways to bring the woman I loved, my everything, back to me, but everything I can come up with requires me to be near the thing that took her essence, that is the problem. I don't think I would survive, much less do Tara any good if I get near Glory...so what do I do?

I could ask Giles for help, but he is worried about how much magic I use, and spending all his time researching, so that only leaves Xander...no offense to my best friend, but he is about as useful in magic as I am in fighting. Basically I am alone in this, but I don't care, I will do anything I have to, to get Tara back.

Right now though I needed to spend time with her. All this time her being with everyone else when I should have been the one to take care of her. I knew Giles would probably get mad, but right now I didn't think anyone would come after us so I took Tara back to the dorm, rest would be nice and quiet wasn't always guaranteed at Buffy's house.

Just as we were finally getting some rest the phone rings. Its Giles yelling that I was "bloody stupid" for leaving the house and going back to the dorms alone. I didn't know what to say I knew he was right, but I just wanted peace for us for a bit. When Giles told me the reason he was calling I felt horribly guilty. He said he tried to call the house, but there was no answer so I told him I would go over there, well we, Tara and I would to tell Buffy Anne about what happened. I knew this was going to be hard, telling Dawn and Buffy Anne that there mother was in the hospital, but it would be easier then a stranger, or a stressed out Giles.

I finally let Giles go telling him we would go now to the house. When we got to the house no one seemed to be around, Tara following me I rushed up the stairs praying Buffy Anne was in her room.

[open to all at the house.]

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Stress [20 Oct 2005|02:03pm]

Giles and I had retired to my room, because the din in the house was almost painful. Well, that isn't quite true. It was painful. I was worried about bo..all three of my daughters, all their friends, their friends friends, and honestly it was exhausting. I'd been forgetting to take the pills they gave me at the hosptial, but it was okay. What's a little headache, right?

"Oh Giles, when did things get this bad? I feel like I've been so blind to everything." I felt like I was going to start to cry, but held it back. I did take the proffered cup of tea, but set it aside without thinking. The pain was throbbing in my temples.

"Is...Buffy, the one that just slays, does she even know her mother loves her? And the other one seems so meek, and scared...and not at all like the Buffy I know and love, that I'm not always sure what to say or do. If she'd just burn down a gym..." I jumped, a bright flash of light covered my vision, and I stood, trying to look away from it.

"Giles," I said, very softly as even my own voice started to sound like thunder in my ears, "did you see that?" I didn't wait for a response, since my vision cleared fairly quickly.

"Never mind. Where was I? I feel so scatterbrained. What about Dawn? I love her, I know she's mine. No matter what, but she doesn't seem to want me anymore. I don't want to lose her now." The light again, stronger, I shut my eyes, and felt the world sway a little.

This time it didn't clear, it became brighter, like a burning sun, the pain of it filling my head, my thoughts. I thought I heard a small scream just before everything blissfully went black.
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[20 Oct 2005|08:22pm]

I am so fricking pissed off. That little witch did magic on me! I mean, who does she think she is, Queen of Sunnydale? No one messes with me. I cannot remember the last time someone annoyed me so much!

Sighing, I stood up and dusted off my dress. Totally ruined, and my heels were broken. How dare she disapparate me all over the place? I hate that.

I climbed out of the crater I'd left, seeing as how I'd dropped two hundred feet out of the sky onto the ground. Lucky it was in the middle of nowhere, cos otherwise some people would've come out and asked about it and I'd have had to kill them, and frankly, I'm just not in the mood. I'm going to go home and have a mimosa in the bath. Then I guess I should torture my minions for letting Buffy's little friends get into my house. My life is so hard. No one appreciates that.


I was in the bath. How the hell did I get here? I looked around and saw some of the bad-skinned freaks, all blindfolded, standing nearby, holding trays of drinks and snacks. Right. My lovely sister had been taking a bath and then she'd morphed back into me. Still, I'd changed back into me in worse places. Take a Sunnydale alleyway, for instance. You don't want to be found there wearing a leopardprint dress, you know. Especially not by high school jocks. I can remember how bruised my face was after that encounter. But that's what my sister's like. Always making things hard and painful for me.

Sighing, I got out of the bath, grabbing a towel from one of the minions. I went into the living room. The furniture was scattered around, and there was blood on the floor. Blood. My stomach sank. What the hell had Glory been doing?

I found some clothes and pulled them on and looked at the clock. By the looks of things, I had a shift starting in twenty minutes. Great.

I found my keys and shoes and headed out towards the hospital.
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Tell me what kind of mask I should put on [08 Oct 2005|04:07am]

[ mood | drained ]

After Spike and Faith left the room for the kitchen, I really wasn't sure what to do with myself. I'd had enough of simply sitting around letting the dried blood on my clothes to cling to my skin. Not only was it uncomfortable, but it was a constant reminder to me and to everyone else in the room what had happened earlier tonight. Willow was with Tara for the time being trying to comfort her and then there was Mom who just kept looking at me. I knew a blood-stained Buffy was the last thing she needed to see, so for her and everyone else - me on the top of that list - I excused myself from the room and went to head up the stairs.

I told Mom I was alright, just tired and sore and in extreme need of a shower. The worry in her eyes was comforting yet at the same time I hated seeing it. I didn't want her to worry about me when she had so much to worry about herself. She'd just gotten out of the hospital hadn't she? God, when would this all end? As I made my way up the stairs and painfully so, I stopped at Dawn's door for a moment but decided that her seeing me like this probably wasn't the best of ideas. Besides, she was probably asleep by now and had no idea what had happened. The last thing Dawn needed right now was to worry about me. She had enough on her plate from all that she'd found out earlier tonight.

Gathering a few things from my room, I headed into the bathroom and turned on the water. I tried to peel off my clothes as pain-free as possible, but that wasn't exactly the easiest thing. Wincing a bit whenever the material was pulled from the cuts on my skin, I finally was undressed and as I looked at the pile of red-stained clothes on the floor I blinked back a tear. Sighing, I stepped into the shower and held back a light cry when I felt the water hit the wounds on my chest and stomach. It burned, ached, and felt as if Glory was cutting on me all over again.

After a while of just standing and letting the blood that had dried on my skin run down the drain, I pulled my head out from under the water and felt a burn behind my eyes. Blinking back tears again, I shut the water off and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around myself. Once I'd done my best to dry myself off around the cuts, I stared at the small red spots on the towel and sighed. I carefully slipped into the clothes I'd gotten from my room and made my way back down the hall to my room. The clothes were baggy and occasionally would rub against my skin even though I knew this was much better than wearing something form-fitting.

Shutting the door behind me, I held the clothes I had been wearing in my hand and quickly found a plastic bag to put them in and set them down next to the trash can by the door. I doubt I'd be getting any use out of those anymore. Sighing heavily, I sank down on my bed and leaned back. Hugging one of the pillows to my chest, I stared blankly at the wall in front of me. I knew I needed rest, but that was hardly an option right now considering that every time I closed my eyes I could see her grinning there in front of me. I slid down a bit on the bed and tried to relax. The shower did make me feel a little better and I knew I'd heal in time, but god how I wished I had that slayer healing right about now.

I thought about everyone who was still in the house and wondered if I should just go back downstairs. It was the last thing I wanted to do right now, but I did know that they probably all were wondering what I was doing or even if I was alright. Instead I just sat there not moving. I still had aches all over my body, but for the moment I was the most comfortable I'd been since being back at Spike's earlier tonight. It was strange. Why did I feel safer knowing he was here? He'd been the first at the scene, yes, but.. why? Why did he care? And also.. why did it matter?

Closing my eyes, I tried to force myself to sleep. Not that it would work anytime soon.

[Open to anyone in the house]

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[16 Sep 2005|02:04pm]

Buffy and I sat on the ground outside Glory's house for a while. Luckily none of her friends with skin problems turned up. I reckoned I'd have a job fighting them off, since Glory had done a number on my chest and the falling down stairs had just added to my bruises. It was a lucky thing I didn't need to breathe, since I reckoned it'd be hard to do that right now. Buffy didn't look too good, either. She was covered in blood and was pretty pale. I felt pretty sorry for her. I just hoped Glory hadn't forced her to say anything about Dawn. Didn't want anything to happen to the Bit, and if something did, I knew Buffy would never forgive herself. Didn't like to think of Buffy feeling bad. I decided not to examine my reasons why too carefully.

After a while Willow and Faith appeared. Both of them looked a bit beaten up, but at least they weren't dead, which I'd sort of reckoned might happen. No great loss to me, but again, it would upset Buffy. We didn't have time to talk about what had happened up there, as a couple of seconds after Faith and Red appeared, some of Glory's minions came out swinging. We decided the best idea was to run away. Luckily those blokes have pretty short legs and so aren't that great at chasing.

By this point Buffy was looking pretty bad, so I offered to carry her. She must've been feeling rough, cos she accepted. And so we made our merry way back to the Summers house, though I wondered if maybe Buffy would need some stitches. Supposed she'd want to see her mum first, though, which I understood. Back when I had a mum, she was the first person I'd go to as well.

((Open for anyone at the house or in the Glory-fleeing gang.))
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[05 Sep 2005|08:27pm]

The slay that’s what its all about. The feeling of power and duty. That’s what I am, the slayer. That is my job, the only reason why I exist. I must hunt and kill. Nothing less nothing more. Slayer shouldn’t have anything other then that. How could a slayer be anything else?

I brushed pass the people on the streets. They seemed to be annoyed by that, not like I cared. I had to get to the haunt. Couldn’t let these pathetic humans stand in my way. I was powerful and they were not, and if they tired to mess with me I would just take them out.

Finally I managed to make it to the grave yard, and there, there was a vampire standing there. Ah yes the whole reason why I existed, to kill that thing that was there. I had a serious look upon my face as I approached the thing. It looked at me with a dumbfounded look upon its face.

“What’s this” It hissed at me “A pretty little girl like you all by herself.”

I left the same expression that I had on my face before and sized the vampire down. “Your so dusted.” I delivered a swift hard punch to the face, sent the vampire flying back. I took my time walking up to him, didn’t matter how fast I did it, he would be dust in the end. They always would be dust in the end. Plus I enjoyed the slay, the pleasure of the haunt and kill.

The vampire started to back up but still wasn’t on its feet yet. I looked down at the thing and laughed. True the only thing that brought me any kind of joy was seeing them suffer. Especially that look of fear on there face when they realized that I was the slayer and that I was going to dust them.

I grabbed the stake that was in my pocket and scent it though his heart. That was it, he was dust and I was still there. I brushed the dust off my cloths and turned around. I know there had to be some more lurking in here. Always was more then one. Then I would have to go back to that house of mine, with the others. Didn’t like see the other version of me, she was weak and had too many feelings. Feelings she shouldn’t have, she should be a slayer like me, strong and powerful. But she wasn’t. And they always wanted me to help them. Why? They acted like I was suppose to care or something.

That other one who claimed to be a slayer went off to go and find the lesser half of me. She actually thought I’d go with her. She didn’t have any idea what true power was. She was like the rest of them. I was the only one with real power here, the only one worthy of being the slayer. Let her go on her own. I hunt alone.

I can handle this on my own. Didn’t need any backup. Already saved the key on my own, how hard could it be saving something just as weak.
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[14 Aug 2005|06:53pm]

I lay behind the sofa for a while, blood filling my mouth and nostrils. Lucky thing I don't have to breathe, really. I sensed a slayer arrive, that familiar scent. Couldn't tell from this distance whether it was Buffy or Faith - you've got to be closer to recognise the personal flavour, otherwise I'd be able to find whoever I wanted whenever I wanted. I'm not a bloody dog, after all.

I wondered why whoever it was hadn't entered. Guess it was sensible, given that Glory had just given me a pounding and that's not exactly easy, so maybe Buffy or Faith were waiting for the SuperChums to make their way over. S'long as my life wasn't in the hands of that berk Xander, I was happy to wait. I was less happy for Buffy - the Buffy who was here, that is - to wait. She wasn't looking too great. She was pretty bloody now, and was pale and trembling, her eyes panda rings of smudged makeup. Funny how when she'd been the slayer she'd always managed to keep her slap intact. Guess it's just one of those mystical slayer things - everlasting Maybelline.

After about twenty minutes I'd recovered myself enough to be ready to fight again, but I decided to keep low, pretending I was unconscious. When reinforcements came, I'd be jumping over the back of Glory's tackily upholstered sofa and saving the day, but for now, prudence was best. I knew this was right, but it was a hard resolve to keep as I heard Buffy sob quietly as Glory questioned her, getting more and more incensed about her Key. Having some idea now of what the nutcase was capable of, I hoped she never found out about the Bit, or we'd all be in serious shit.

Just as I was getting impatient for things to start, the door burst open. Faith strode in, looking her usual ever-so-slightly sleazy self. I'm not insulting her - I like a girl who's upfront about her sexual charms. Red was close behind, staggering under the weight of an axe and a bag of what looked like magical supplies. Was this the rescue party? My heart sank slightly, but all the same, I leapt to my feet and got ready for action.

((Open for rescue party style shenanigans!))
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[09 Aug 2005|04:20pm]

[ mood | devious ]

I couldn't stand the wait anymore. They weren't home yet. I had to do somethin'. B, I mean A, wasn't going to be able to take care of herself if something bad came up. And as long as they'd been gone, I'd say something bad came up. Didn't know where the slayer half of B was, and wasn't in the mood to go on a long search. I had to save the other half.

It was somewhat cool to realize that she needed me. I mean, okay, so she wasn't the super-chick, but she was still B. Little miss "I'm better than you." It was almost like payback, only on the side of good now.

She was alone with god only knew what, and no one went after her. Not even Riley. So I did. I mean, I guess Spike went too, but..well, at the end of the day, I pretty much think he's a vampire. So I set out to find 'em. I'm still a chick with super-powers, after all.

Wasn't hard, they left a trail a mile wide. Well, okay, a few turned down blades of grass, and a whole lotta noise. My guess, someone inside was hurtin'. Maybe more than one. Couldn't let it happen to a regular person. And Anne, well, she was now a real girl.

Wasn't sure what would happen wen I got on the inside, so I do a little recon first. Some fashion plate with bad hair was torturing A, and had crumpled the vampire to the floor. My kind of odds.

Or they used to be. Decided to call in a little insurance first.

"Come-on Willow, pick up...."

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Coming out of hiding... [01 Aug 2005|10:48pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I had not had much contact with anyone lately. Still concerned with the situation with Buffy I felt it best to keep to myself and research. I did find it odd that the group hadn't even come by, they hadn't seemed to notice my diappearance of sorts. Not wanting to think much on it, I decided to immerse myself in more research.

When that became more than I could handle, or rather when I found nothing of substance I had to get out, to get some air. I honestly had no where to go though, not that seeing Joyce was a last resort, but in a way it was. I wouldn't dare tell her this of course, she is a wonderful woman, I just in the past have not made a habit of visiting her. Perhaps it had more to do that I had feelings for her and she didn't seem to recipricate. I suppose in the long run it doesn't truly matter how I feel as long as Joyce is truly happy.

Pulling up in front of her house I debated on not going in, but something told me I needed to. Something told me that I needed to stop hiding from everyone, and perhaps Joyce needed someone to talk to. She has a young daughter living in the house and now with Buffy...It has to be a lot for her to deal with. I finally worked up the nerve to walk up the front walk to the door. I am again not certain as to why I was this nervous, but I was.

[[open for Dawn and Joyce, and anyone else at the house]]

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[26 Jul 2005|10:51am]

Seeing as how Joyce was so worried, I dropped the Bit off back at her house. Don't reckon Dawn was too happy about that, but she didn't complain too much. Probably a bit worried when she heard that her sis hadn't turned up at home. It was possible she was just out on the town, but I didn't reckon it was likely. New, human Buffy wasn't going to put her neck on the line.

I got to Dawn's front door. I should go in and volunteer to help. Either that or I should sod off back home and stop worrying about the Summers women. Inside I guessed there'd be Willow. Red had been getting better at the mojo lately, so she might have some ideas about finding Buffy with a spell or something. Buffy - I mean Anne - and Faith were probably out patrolling, but I'm sure the army arsehole would track them down and they'd make a nice little tracking team. So why didn't I go in and team up? Well, I've never been much of a team player, but also, part of me sort of wanted to play the hero. Really stupid, but there you go.

"Er, Dawn pet, tell yer mum not to fret too much. The super scoobs are bound to find your sis." Then I raced down the path. I reckoned I had about 10 minutes head start before the gang were out searching for Buffy. If I wanted to get there first - and for some reason, I really, really did - then I'd better be quick.

I walked through Sunnydale, my body shifting into the hunt. I hadn't searched for anybody in a long time, but I felt my senses responding, growing sharper, leaner. I leaned into the wind and smelled the air. At last, faintly, there was a familiar scent. The sweet floral of Buffy's shampoo, and underneath that, the darker scent of her blood. It was easier to pick out now she didn't have a slayer part. I wondered why that was. Maybe cos she was more human?

The scent lingered outside the Bronze. Maybe the silly bint had gone on a night out. But the smell grew stronger, and I found a drop of blood on the floor. Just a small drop, like might come from a graze. It smelled of her. I bent down and put my finger in it, then touched it to my lips. The tiniest drop, but it made my skin shiver. It was her. I'd never tasted her before, but I knew it like my own skin. And I knew, suddenly, that Buffy was in terrible danger.

I hurried, following my nose. The smell was very difficult to follow - I'm not a bloody tracker dog - but the taste of that one drop had sharpened my hunter instincts. Sounds naff, but there you go. Eventually I found myself crossing a field and turning up outside a large house.

There was a funny looking midget on the door, all hair and wrinkles. I killed him. He didn't even get a chance to cry out. Whatever had taken Buffy - maybe this Glory bird - wasn't that smart if that was the sort of demon she left on guard.

The house was in darkness. I made my way upstairs quietly. Light pooled underneath a door. It was locked, but the lock was flimsy and a quick turn of my hand snapped it. I stepped into a large sitting room. Buffy was standing, or rather drooping, against a pillar. Blood had blossomed over the front of her shirt, and the scent made me dizzy for a minute. I could imagine sinking my mouth into the wounds, abandoning the rescue. But then I saw her look at me, and I forgot all that.

"Shh, pet," I said quietly. "Don't say nothing, alright?" I crept over and pulled away the ropes binding her. "In a minute we'll be out of here."

"Oh, don't be so sure of that," said an amused voice. I turned, and got a glimpse of a woman with wild hair and a leopard print dress before a fist like steel collided with my face and I flew across the room.

((Open to anyone wanting to rescue Buffy! Spike would appreciate it so he doesn't, ya know, die horribly :D Feel free to write your own post instead if you'd like me/us to tag off that instead.))
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[21 Jul 2005|06:46pm]

It was weird; I'd actually had a nice time. Me, the Bit and Buffy. I'm meant to hate Buffy! So why was I so concerned for her when Dawn came over here? Why do I care what any of the Summers women do? But I can't help it. I dunno if it's the chip. Maybe it's weakened me. But then, I've always been soft. I tried to hide it, but Dru knew. She knew I was always weak for women, and not just in the I'd-give-em-a-shag sense. Guess it all comes down to Mother. She brought me up proper, to look out for ladies. To be the kind of man a woman would want to be around. 'Course, it didn't work, 'cept with her. Cecily told me to bugger off, and then when I became a vampire, I liked scaring girls. But if one found her way into my heart... Well, she stayed there. That's how it was with Dru. Still love her a bit, despite everything. Flaming nutter, but I love her. Always will.

I reckoned Buffy must've got home and told her Mum what'd happened, and that Dawn was staying with me for a bit. Dawn didn't fancy going home. She knew everyone'd fuss over her and she didn't want that right now. I understood that. Get told some bad news, you don't want your Mum wondering if you want chicken and stars soup, whatever the hell that is. You just want to think about things for a while and not answer questions.

So we watched TV for a while. I smoked my way through a pack of fags. Did offer one to Dawn, but she turned it down. Probably for the best, really. Not like Buffy can give me a kicking any more, but I sort of don't want to piss her off. Stupid, really.

I leaned back against the sofa and closed my eyes.

"Spike?" A voice woke me. I glanced up. Buffy was standing over me. I looked round. Dawn was gone.
"Oh, bugger. Dawn - I mean, I only closed me eyes for a minute, she was here then -"
"I sent her away." Buffy's voice was quiet.
"You did?"
"Yes," she said gently. "So I could do this.
She leaned forward, and to my amazement touched her lips against mine.

I awoke with a jolt. What the hell was that about? Me kissing Buffy? I'd had some weird dreams, but that... I tried to brush it off. Not that easy when I realised I had a raging hard on. I shifted in my seat so Dawn, her eyes still glued to the TV, wouldn't notice, and then a welcome distraction came in the sound of a ringing phone.

"Dawn, that's yours, innit pet?"

((Open for Dawn, for Joyce/Xander/Riley/etc who might call Dawn, and so forth.))
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[04 Jul 2005|12:57pm]


Everything hurts; the crawling in my head, the tin taste of my mouth and there's blood under my tongue. My blood. I think I bit my tongue, I don't know. I don't know much these days.

I gather my thoughts together but they scatter when I try to speak them. Grains of wheat falling to the four winds...

Things scrabbling in the dark again. Fingernails against my brain and the sweat smell of decay.

Oh, I am rotten!


I recognise where I am, I think. A sofa, soft. Hands on my forehead. Willow. My green tree, cool hands of bark against my skin.

I am crying, I think. Crying because I am lost, and I cannot work out how to get back because I don't remember where I was before.

If only the wriggling would stop, maybe I would remember.

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[01 Jul 2005|06:29pm]

Things are just getting more and more boring. I swear, even shopping isn't exciting anymore. I went into four stores today and only bought three dresses. Three! I used to get a hundred. I did find the most adorable shoes though. They have this cute little red heel. They would have cost $500 except of course I didn't pay for them. The shop girl was pleased to let me have them after I sucked her brain. I wonder if the hospital has started to notice how many crazy people are around? Doesn't bother me, of course. Not like they can hurt me. I almost wish they would find out and try to stop me, because that might stop me being so fricking bored for five minutes.

The minions still haven't found my Key. It's so unfair. I'm going to find it myself. I am a god, after all. I wish more people knew that. Then I'd get the proper respect. I mean, all my minions have such bad skin. It's sort of icky, considering how gorgeous I am. Maybe I should get them a makeover. But no, they'd still be ugly.

I sighed and put on one of my new dresses. I do look so great, I have to say. It's leopard print. Some might say trashy, but I say daring. And the new shoes, of course. The great thing about having super powers is that wearing high heels doesn't hurt at all. Anyway, I got myself together and headed out. Where might a Key be hidden? It could be anything. It could be a garbage can for all I know. So I decided to look for someone who I think knows something about it. The blonde Slayer. My minions told me her name. What is it? Something stupid like Puffy or Fluffy or something.

I headed down the street to where young people seemed to hang out. The Bronze, it's called. Such a dive. I really should be somewhere classier. Some guy tried to chat me up but I soon stopped him. Not sure I'll get that stain out of my shoe, though. Blood is such a pain. No sign of the Slayer yet though. But I wouldn't be surprised if she shows.

[Edit, now open to all - so human Buffy, feel free to get 'napped!]
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at the Summers house [22 Jun 2005|09:50pm]

I glanced at Riley, Willow and Tara. It hadn´t been easy to get Tara here, but together we had managed. I felt sad when I looked at Tara. Loosing your mind surely sucked and Tara didn´t deserve it. Why hadn´t I been there to protect her? Maybe it had been me then whoes mind had been messed with. I at least would have deserved it.

Sighing about my own thoughts I then rang the bell. I had to be strong now and help as much as I could. This wasn´t the time to get emotional. What I needed to be now was strong and fearless.

We then all waited for the door to be opened. I started wondering if Buffy would be there, one of the Buffys, or maybe both? The thought still was weird. I then started to worry again, how human Buffy would react to seeing me again.

(ooc: Rachel asked me to redo that post, and so I did. It´s open to anyone at the Summers house)
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