The Ultimate Split Personality

Buffysplit: A Buffy Season 5 RPG
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Welcome to buffysplit, a Season 5 Buffy RPG.

What's the sitch, B?

We are canon up until the episode "The Replacement". Remember how the demon Toth tried to split Buffy into her slayer side and her human side, but instead split Xander in two? Well, in our game Toth succeeded. He created two Buffies - one who is pure slayer, the other who is human. Now Toth's dead and no one can break the spell.

There's an added problem. A hell god called Glory has made her way into town, and nothing's going to stop her until she finds her Key...

Interested in joining? Get it touch with rachel2205. My co-mod is aladriana. Come to either of us if you have problems or questions!

The current situation

Human Buffy and her slayer counterpart are trying to get used to life as separate people. There is an added complication, though; Glory, hell-bent on finding her Key, has kidnapped the human Buffy, thinking she was the one who found the monk, when of course it was slayer Buffy (or Anne, is she is now known). Spike, increasingly plagued with strange feelings for Buffy, has gone off to the rescue... And wound up getting badly hurt. Faith and Willow are doing their best to keep Glory off long enough for Buffy to escape.

Meanwhile, Dawn is trying to come to terms with who she really is, and Joyce is suffering from headaches, as well as grappling with some frightening new truths about her family. Tara had her mind stolen by Glory, and is sick and crazy. Giles, meanwhile, is finding himself increasingly drawn to Joyce...

A Few Simple Rules

I don't like to play the heavy-handed mod, so I'll be willing to be flexible and nice to you. Having said that, here are some guidelines on the game.

- I know real life is busy, so I don't expect loads of posts. You should make your presence known at least once a week through comments or posts, though I don't expect a full post more than once every two weeks. If you can't do this, please let me know by leaving a note in the OOC. It's only polite!
- If you want to drop out, tell me. I won't shout at you! Just don't stop posting and never come back, as it slows things down. Ideally, if you want to drop out, give us a few days' notice so you can finish up any tags to give a new player a clean start.
- Your posts should be reasonably lengthy. I'm not going to specify a minimum amount, but a handful of lines isn't really enough. However, don't write pages and pages just to fill up space. That's dull!
- I'd rather you didn't tag for more than 35 comments. If you get to that many, it's time for someone to write a new post. This is to make it easier for people to read what's going on.
- Please read everything! Don't be a player who only shows up to play his/her own threads. Also, please keep an eye on the OOC and do participate by providing your ideas for plot etc.
- If your post is going to have adult content (violence, sex, hardcore bad language), please put it behind a livejournal cut. If your comments are going to have adult content, please note that in the title of the first comment.
- Have fun!